Nellie Bly VR

Follow the path of pioneering journalist Nellie Bly as she defies the barriers women faced in the late 19th century to become an acclaimed investigative reporter.



In this educational VR experience, follow Bly – her real name was Elizabeth Cochran – in one of her most famous adventures pioneering rights for women in journalism. Journey back in time to 1888, and experience how Nellie convinced her editor at the New York World to send her on a globe-spanning trip to see how fast she could go, as inspired by the Jules Verne novel “Around the World in 80 Days.”

With two days’ notice, she packed her satchel and headed off on her adventure, posting reports from such faraway locales as Egypt, Ceylon (now known as Sri Lanka) and Singapore, where she bought a pet monkey. In Hong Kong, Bly discovered she had competition: Another woman reporter was racing her. A setback in San Francisco and a sudden snowstorm imperiled Bly’s adventure. Immerse yourself in Bly’s experience, and make your prediction as to how long her trip will take.

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